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Feb 20,2014

Another option to choose from Smart Gadget Plus Plans but this time its a 3 in 1 promos where you can get your dream gadget bundled with smartphone included the 50 surfing hours with unlimited tri-net texts. This awesome promo gadget plans by Smart are divided into 3 categories so you can choose between Gadget Plus 3 in 1 Plan 999, 1299 and 1599. So better think about it what a great deal offer only from Smart. (more…)

Feb 4,2014

Recently those people who are enthusiastic in mobile games got hooked in Flappy Bird the newest trending mobile games in town which is now talk of the gaming world. (more…)

Jan 23,2014

Great news windows users because Gameloft producer of high quality games in mobile has recently give their latest racing game Asphalt 8 Airborne for FREE on Windows Store.
Gear up with the newest action pack added on this game which make you feel in the real world of game. With the latest Asphalt 8 gets the 47 high gear performance with almost 80% new cars added along with top cars manufacturers eg.. Lamborghini and Ferrari. Aside from that you will definitely electrify with its realistic sound effects plus different aerial stunts performance. (more…)

Dec 26,2013

Finally after long waiting, GTA San Andreas is now available on Android after the debut on iOS platform a week ago. Now be ready Android gamers out there, see and taste this wonderful action packed games.

But on it’s early days GTA was launched it’s seems that it was not impressive at all after some of subscribers gets a download error on it and give it a 1 star rating. On the part of GTA San Adreas developer team they quickly response on the said problem giving a quick patched to fixed bugs. GTA San Andreas is now available for download it on Google Play for only 6.99 dollars. (more…)

Dec 15,2013

On my earlier post about the The King of Comedy Apps which is called Dolphy Clean Up has now the latest news for those who are waiting. The latest news about the game is based on the post of Ronnie Quizon on the Dolphy Clean Facebook Fanpage posted on December 13, 2013. And I quote “Players can start downloading this free game from the App Store for iPads starting December 15. A full version of Dolphy Clean Up can be purchased from Google Play for Android mobile devices in early 2014 at the affordable price of $3.99″ (more…)

Dec 11,2013

The Legend King of Comedy Dolphy has another way to get closer to all his loyal fans. With the King of Comedy Dolphy apps has reveal the teaser of his apps which entitled Dolphy Clean-up Apps that could play in different platform devices both iOs and Android. On my first glance regarding this apps game it’s circulating about in todays living and if you try to watch the video teaser in YouTube you will notice this game is all about on how you clean our environment. In my opinion this Dolphy Clean-Up apps probably will top on favorite games as the year 2014 enters. (more…)

Dec 7,2013

Are you gaming enthusiast? Well if you are, now here is another game right for you and could be play in your mobile devices. Assassin’s Creed Pirates the 6th installment games are now available in mobile platform. Download it on Apps Store and Play Store for about $4.99 USD you can have it and install. Try this newest game released from Ubisoft and get ready to experience the upgraded action pack games.   (more…)

Nov 27,2013

Who don’t know this PC games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is now coming out for smartphone and tablet platform. It also can be play in iOS, Android and Windows 8 version. You don’t have to wait any longer it will be available by December of this year in Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Phone Store. (more…)

Nov 13,2013

Imangi Studios the developer of Temple Run Video Games is on the the negotiations with Warner Bros. which seems they want to handle the plan of seeing Temple Run on the Bigscreen as report stated in the Hollywood (more…)

Apr 26,2013

Hello guys for those who waited for Iron Man 3 Android games.. Now guys its official you can play the Iron Man 3 Official Game. This Android Game can be downloaded for free on Google Play and play all day long until your devices battery last. This Iron Man 3 is based on its own movie its like you’re playing an action pack games just like the movie itself. So guys better to try and download it now until its free!! (more…)