Recent Suspect Of COMELEC Hacking Previously Recognized By Two Large International Tech...

Recent Suspect Of COMELEC Hacking Previously Recognized By Two Large International Tech Giants, Facebook and Microsoft

paul biteng

Suspect of the recent hacking incident on the website of the Commission on Elections previously participated in security research by two tech giants, Facebook and Microsoft way back in 2014.

Paul Biteng, the alleged hacker, admitted into hacking the website of the Commission of Elections just to make sure that the coming election will be fair and square. Biteng violated the anti-cybercrime law over his participation of the hacking incident.

It took three weeks to find out that it was Biteng who hacked the website, he was then arrested following an arrest warrant. The hacker graduated in Perpetual Help College, with the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

However, Andres Bautista, the COMELEC Chairman said that the man is cooperative and did not intend to harm anyone. He only want to have a fair and clean election.

According to James Jimenez, spokesperson of COMELEC, said that a website was launched by hackers containing the stolen data from the COMELEC website. But to be able to access the data, the user needs to enter their personal data. This ensures that no identity theft will happen.

Facebook and Microsoft thankful to Biteng

While a lot of people were angered and unhappy about the doings of Biteng, Microsoft and Facebook were both thankful to him over his participation in the Security Research conducted last 2014.

paul biteng

A “Thank you message” was posted in the white hat page of Facebook, listing the names of people who participated in the said research. Among those names is Paul Biteng. The said security research was conducted to test the vulnerability of protected systems and eventually improve it.

Microsoft, on the other hand, released a statement to acknowledge the security researchers that participated in making their online services safer. Paul Biteng is also listed on the page.