Gorgon Item Build and Skill Build

Dota Hero Item Build – Gorgon “Medusa”
Gorgon “Medusa” is strength type of hero which can be  as carry and support,  sometimes plays the role of tankers in all his games.

Gorgon “Medusa” Skills Build

Level 1: Frostbite
Level 2: Frost Nova
Level 3: Frostbite
Level 4: Frost Nova
Level 5: Frostbite
Level 6: Frost Nova
Level 7: Frostbite
Level 8: Frost Nova
Level 9: Freezing Field
Level 10: Stats
Level 11: Freezing Field
Levels 12 – 15: Stats
Level 16: Freezing Field
Levels 17 – 21: Stats
Levels 22 – 25: Brilliance Aura

Initial Game Items for Gorgon “Medusa”
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Healing Salve
Ironwood Branch
Magic Stick
Empty Battle

Core Gorgon “Medusa” Item Build
Power Threads
Black King Bar

Luxury Gorgon “Medusa” Item build
Sange and Yasha
Assault Cuirass
Manta Style
Heart of Tarassque

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