Latest Sun Cellular Text All Plus Promo / TextALLPlus

Text All Plus brought to you by Sun Cellular which offer a great deal prepaid promo. On this promo you can enjoy an All Net Unlitexting plus an additional Sun calls and mobile surfing. So try it now and have a wonderful promo load at all time. This Text All Plus Sun promo is more use by students because its like having an unlimited plus a lot of bonuses. If want to avail this promo just follow the procedure given below, you can register to All Plus 25 or Text All Plus 100 and see what is worth for you among the two.

Here’s how to register:

* Text All Plus 25 or TAPLUS25
– 60 minutes Sun calls
– 30 minutes mobile internet
– Valid 1 day
– Just Text TAPLUS25 to 247

* Text All Plus 25 or TAPLUS100
– 60 minutes Sun calls
– 60 minutes mobile internet
– Valid 7 days
– Just key in or Text TAPLUS100 to 247

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