Nevermore Item Build – Dota Hero

Nevermore Item Build – Dota Hero


Nevermore Item Build
Dota Hero Item BuildNevermore “Shadow Friend”
Nevermore is an agility type of hero which can be play as hitter in all games and when the right item builds on the early game such as lothar’s edge and phaste boots that’s the time nevermore is ready for killing enemy hero.

Nevermore or “Shadow Friend” Skills Build
Level 1 – Necromastery
Level 2 – Shadowrazes
Level 3 – Shadowrazes
Level 4 – Necromastery
Level 5 – Shadowrazes
Level 6 – Necromastery
Level 7 – Shadowrazes
level 8 – Necromastery
Level 9 – Requiem of Souls
Level 10 – Presence of the Dark Lord
Level 11 – Requiem of Souls
Level 12 – Presence of the Dark Lord
Level 13 – Stats
Level 14 – Presence of the Dark Lord
Level 15 – Stats
Level 16 – Requiem of souls
Level 17 – Presence of the Dark Lord
Level 18-25 – Stats

Initial Game Items for Nevermore
Magic Stick gives counter spell on enemy attacks whenever it use.
Ancient Tango of Essifation gives hero a small amount of health regeneration.
Ironwood Branch give added intelligence plus attributes.
Stout Shield helps of blocking some portion of enemy attacks
Empty Bottle this could be your instant source of health and mana when you are in a critical condition

Core Nevermore Item Build
Power Threads gives attack speed and strenght
Lothar’s Edge helps to target enemy hero that you want to kill and also helps for escaping enemy hero
Yasha gives more attributes and standby item for SnY
Radiance this will the must item grants him bonus damage to its nearby unit
Helm of Dominator grants you to steal the life of your opponent while engaging in attack.

Luxury Nevermore Item build
Sange and Yasha give added stats and speed both in hero’s attack and movement
Black king Bar this item gives invulnerability in a period of time. use in clash battle to ensure your invulnerability form your enemy hero.
Butterfly grants evasion to your hero plus added attack speed.
Manta Style can be useful in pushing the lane.
Satanic this item gives your hero more lifesteal from your enemy.
Ethereal Blade grants your hero an ethereal blast when you cast this item to your target enemy hero.

How To Play Nevermore
Nevermore is a hero which can be dangerous when you wanted to initiate a kill first you must use your lothar’s edge then use your ulti but take note you must check your souls if fully loaded. If your ulti is not enough to kill an enemy then try to use your skill together with normal attack.