Pudge Item Build – Dota Hero Build

Pudge Item Build – Dota Hero Build


Dota Hero Item Build – Pudge “Butcher”
Pudge or Butcher is strength type hero which can plays as carry in all his games. This hero could be dangerous when it builds the best item. When you use Butcher you must be focus on your timing skill.

Pudge The Butcher Skills Build
Level 1.  Rot
Level 2.  Meat Hook
Level 3.  Meat Hook
Level 4.  Rot
Level 5.  Meat Hook
Level 6.  Dismember
Level 7.  Meat Hook
Level 8.  Rot
Level 9.  Rot
Level 10. Flesh Heap
Level 11. Dismember
Level 12. Flesh Heap
Level 13. Flesh Heap
Level 14. Flesh Heap
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Dismember
Level 17. Stats
Level 18. Stats
Level 19. Stats
Level 20. Stats
Level 21. Stats
Level 22. Stats
Level 23. Stats
Level 24. Stats
Level 25. Stats

Initial Game Items for Pudge
Magic Stick help for counter spell enemy attacks
Ancient Tango of Essifation use for mid health condition regenerates a small amount of HP.
Ironwood Branch for additional attributes, toughness and strength
Empty Bottle this is the must item for Pudge at the starts of the game giving her an instant source of MP and HP.

Core Pudge Item Build
Phaste Boots this items is for added more damage and most importantly is for chasing enemy hero
Yasha for added attack and movement speed
Hood Defiance reduce the magical damage attack of enemy hero.
Force Staff use for chasing enemy at the same for escaping.
Blademail this item will be a good one when engages an attacks enemy gets a return damage.

Luxury Pudge Item build
Radiance for additional damage and good for farming mode
Assault Cuirass for plus armor and speed
Dagon also helps to make an instant when the enemy has a low HP condition
Heart of tarrasque for more health points and massive strength

How To Play Pudge
When using Butcher as your hero your strategy is simple just wait for your target enemy in the designated area before you initiate an attack. Use your hook first then follow up by rot and disember.