Mortred Item Build – Dota Hero Build

Mortred Item Build – Dota Hero Build


Mortred Item Build
Dota Hero Item Build – Mortred “Phantom Assassin”
Mortred or Phantom Assassin is agility type hero which can be as hitter and carry in his all games. This is dangerous when he build the right item at the early game.

Skill Build for Mortred
Level 1.  Phantom Strike
Level 2.  Stifling Dagger
Level 3.  Phantom Strike
Level 4.  Stats
Level 5.  Phantom Strike
Level 6.  Coup de Grace
Level 7.  Phantom Strike
Level 8.  Stifling Dagger
Level 9.  Stats
Level 10. Stats
Level 11. Coup de Grace
Level 12. Blur
Level 13. Stats
Level 14. Blur
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Coup de Grace
Level 17. Blur
Level 18. Stats
Level 19. Blur
Level 20. Stifling Dagger
Level 21. Stats
Level 22. Stifling Dagger
Level 23. Stats
Level 24. Stats
Level 25. Stats

Initial Game Items
Magic Stick help for counter spell enemy attacks
Ancient Tango of Essification use for mid health condition regenerates a small amount of HP.
Ironwood Branch for additional Attributes.
Quelling Blade for easy killing creeps and good in farming mode

Core Mortred Item Build
Power Threads and Vanguard this two items will do the HP increase plus movement speed.
Battle Fury consider as all in one item for better farming and added cleave damage
Helm of Dominator also the biggest factor item in the mid game having a lifesteal when attacking enemy
Cranium Basher a must item for Phantom Assassin grants him a small stun while attacking enemy
Vanguard increase HP and Block portion of enemy attack

Locked Mortred Item build
Butterfly is I think the best for Kardel grants him an attack speed
Monkey King Bar gives added attack speed on his attack plus damage
Buriza do Kyanon this item giving Kardel an additonal critical damage on his attack.
Radiance addded more damage to Mort
Manta Style would be useful for pushing the lane
Abyssal Blade grants Mort more bash on its attack (upgraded item of cranium basher)

How To Play Mortred
When using Phantom Assassin this hero will be dangerous at start of mid game use first your stifling dagger when find your target after that use your phantom strike and the rest of you item will do especially your basher.

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