Invoker Item Build – Dota Hero Build

Invoker Item Build – Dota Hero Build


Invoker Item Build
Dota Hero Item Build – Invoker “Kael”

Invoker or Kael Intelligence type of dota hero which can play as support but sometimes carry it requires fast hand when you play this hero just like Puck.

Skill Build for Invoker
Level 1. Exort
Level 2. Invoke
Level 3. Quas
Level 4. Wex
Level 5. Exort
Level 6. Exort
Level 7. Invoke
Level 8. Exort
Level 9. Exort
Level 10.Quas
Level 11.Exort
Level 12.Invoke
Level 13.Exort
Level 14.Quas
Level 15.Quas
Level 16.Quas
Level 17.Invoke
Level 18.Quas
Level 19.Quas
Level 20.Wex
Level 21.Wex
Level 22.Wex
Level 23.Wex
Level 24.Wex
Level 25.Wex

Initial Game Items
Magic Stick help him to counter spell enemy attack
Ancient Tango of Essification uregenerates small amount of HP.
Ironwood Branch added plus Attributes.
Empty Bottle this helps Kael instant regeneration of Mana and Health
Clarity Potion for small amount of Mana replenish

Core Invoker Item Build
Phaste Boots phase ability which grants invoker a movement speed and additional damage..
Force Staff an item for chasing at same use in escaping
Dagon chances of invoker to kill enemy in instant

Locked Invoker Item build
Shiva’s guard an artic blast when it use which can slower the movement of your enemy.
Mekanism this will be the must item for him grants him a survivality at the same gives armor and hitpoints to him and to the nearby allies
Aghanism Scepter for improving and reducing his super skill
Guinsoo’s Scythe Vyse giving him an ability of hex and disabler of enemy heroes skill

How To Play Invoker
Actually I never play this hero at all my games because it requires a fast hand when you wanted to play this kind of hero.. The build up there is my friend’s item build for Invorker.