Bloodseeker Item Build – Dota Heroes Build

Bloodseeker Item Build – Dota Heroes Build


Bloodseeker Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build – Bloodseeker “Strygwyr”
Bloodseeker or Strygwyr is agility type hero which can be play as carry or support in all his game. Actually this my favorite hero when I started to play Dota.

Skill Build for Bloodseeker
Level 1: Bloodrage
Level 2: Bloodbath
Level 3: Strygwyr’s Thirst
Level 4: Strygwyr’s Thirst
Level 5: Strygwyr’s Thirst
Level 6: Rupture
Level 7: Strygwyr’s Thirst
Level 8: Bloodbath
Level 9: Bloodbath
Level 10: Bloodbath
Level 11: Rupture
Level 12: Bloodrage
Level 13: Bloodrage
Level 14: Bloodrage
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Bloodbath
Level 17. Stats
Level 18. Stats
Level 19. Stats
Level 20. Stats
Level 21. Stats
Level 22. Stats
Level 23. Stats
Level 24. Stats
Level 25. Stats

Initial Game Items
Magic Stick help for counter spell enemy attacks
Ancient Tango of Essification use for mid health condition regenerates a small amount of HP.
Ironwood Branch for additional Attributes.
Stout Shield for minimal blocking of enemies attacks

Core Bloodseeker Item Build
Power Threads and Vanguard this two items will do the HP increase plus movement speed and strength.
Lothar’s Edge definitely this one use in ganking and also fo escaping enemy hero. This also a must item for Strygwyr.
Dagon offcourse this item use for instant kill when enemy heroes life is in low HP conditions
Radiance will grants an additional attack damage and helps for better farming
Force Staff will also a combo item when Blood use his Rupture try tic fast the force staff so the enemy health drain easily. It also helps for escaping enemy hero.

Locked Bloodseeker Item build
Butterfly is I think the best for Kardel grants him an attack speed
Monkey King Bar gives added attack speed on his attack plus damage and mini bash
Buriza do Kyanon this item giving Bloodseeker an additonal critical damage on his attack.
Assault Cuirass for garant him plus armor and movement speed
Sange and Yasha it will gives Blood more attack speed and strength

How To Play Bloodseeker
Strygwyr is for fast hand player when you want to initiate an attack you better use your Rupture and hit the Force Staff button giving your enemy a quick drain of HP plus use dagon.

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