Venomancer Item Build – Dota Hero

Venomancer Item Build – Dota Hero


Venomancer Item Build

venomancer item build dotDota Hero Item Build – Venomancer “Lesale Death Bringer”

Venomancer is best hero when comes to poisons skill, an agility type hero who can work as a hunter when Lothars Edge and Power of Threads are already build. For HP increase and defensive block of enemies attack build a Vanguard

Skill Build for Venomancer
level 1 Venomous Gale
level 2 Poison Sting
level 3 Venomous Gale
level 4 Poison Sting
level 5 Venomous Gale
level 6 Poison Nova
level 7 Plague Ward
level 8 Venomous Gale
level 9 Poison Sting
level 10 Poison Nova
and so on….

Initial Game Items
Direct build: Buy boots for chasing purposes to an early kill and Ancient of Tango for Life(HP) Support. Suggested item Stout Shield and Slippers of Agility.

Core Venomancer Item Build
When already build the Phaste Boots or Threads and Lothars Edge its time to do a killing mode. Movement speed is increased also it gives addition to damage and Vanguard for blocking enemies attacks.

Locked Venomancer Item build
Now were done od core items we proceed to locked items of Veno. Try to build an Manta for pushing mode. Sange n’ Yasha for fast attacks
and plus stats.