Troll Warlord Item Build – Dota Hero

Troll Warlord Item Build – Dota Hero


Troll Warlord Item Build

troll warlord item buildDota Hero Item build – Troll Warlord “Jah’rakal”

Troll Warlord / Jah’rakal is an agility hero which has unique skill because his Berseker Rage can switch in melee or range attack motion. In this post you will know what I’m going to use in terms of building Troll items. This hero can be play the role as hitter and carry. Now lets move on to the other guides of Troll.

Skill Build for Troll Warlord
Level 1  Berserker Rage
Level 2  Fervor
Level 3  Fervor
Level 4  Berserker Rage
Level 5  Whirling Axes
Level 6  Battle Trance
Level 7  Fervor
Level 8  Fervor
Level 9  Berserker Rage
Level 10 Whirling Axes
Level 11 Battle Trance
Level 12 Whirling Axes
Level 13 Stats
Level 14 Berserker Rage
Level 15 Stats
Level 16 Battle Trance
Level 17 Whirling Axes
Level 18 Stats
Level 19 Stats
Level 20 Stats
Level 21 Stats
Level 22 Stats
Level 23 Stats
Level 24 Stats
Level 25 Stats

Initial Game Items
For the starting game you must a Wraith Band for additional damage and +agi stats and and Ancient Tango of Essifation for life support when Troll gets in trouble in his HP. Try to buy healing salve for added life support.

Core Troll Warlord Item Build
Power Threads gives attack speeds to Troll with Helm of Dominator
you can get an extra life while attacking to enemy hero. If you have enough money to buy try to include Lothar’s Edge for hunting enemy and use for escaping when you get in trouble.

Locked Troll Warlord Item build
Monkey King Bar for added speed attack and damage. Black King Bar also use in engaging clash with the help of your Satanic it can uphold more lifesteal.Butterfly also would be the one must item for Troll with the evasion exist on this item missing enemy hero attack.

Item to consider:
Divine Rapier added more damage.

How To Play Troll Warlord 
When wanted to initiate an attack first use Lothar’s Edge with the use of your second skill which Whirling Axes plus Battle Trance your enemy has nothing to do but died. Nice one!!!