Traxex Item Build – Dota Hero

Traxex Item Build – Dota Hero


Traxex the Drow Ranger is best range hero in dota that is easily to control and play but yet not a very high in HP so better be aware of the enemies getting near. Traxex is very powerful when it comes to item build for damage now lets move on to Traxex item build.
Traxex_the_Drow_Ranger_item_buildTraxex Skill and Item Build
The important skills for Traxex is Frost Arrow.

lvl 1 Frost Arrow
lvl 2 Trueshot Aura
lvl 3 Frost Arrow
lvl 4 Silence
lvl 5 Frost Arrow
lvl 6 Marksmanship
lvl 7 Frost Arrow
lvl 8 Silence
lvl 9 Trueshot Aura
lvl 10 Silence
and go on….

Traxex Starting Game Items
Must have build with threads which composed of boots of speed, gloves of haste and boots of elvenskin or robe of the magi or belt of giant strength.. So at first go for the gloves of haste for fast attack and ancient tango of essifation for health support.

Next Traxex Item Build
Now ready to complete the power threads it will give speed of attacks, agility stats additions and movement speed. Then next build is Lothar’s Edge for killing and make some hits in enemies. Also used for escaping enemy when you are to die due to low hp. Lothars makes you invisible for a period of time..
optional item :
you can also build a helm of dominator this make a lifesteal while your are attacking your enemies.(both hero and non-hero)

Late Game Traxex Item Build
Now its time to build a lock item, You have to choose for Manta or Sange n’ Yasha (Sn’Y) for additional attack and movement speed it also added agility..
Then try to build the Buriza for getting more chance on critical and for the last complete the Butterfly.It gives you a chance to miss the enemies attack while agility and speed of Traxex increase.

How To Play Traxex and Basic Strategy
After the Traxex item build we are now moving forward on how to play this hero. Traxex (Drow Ranger) is the best hero up to this time although it doesn’t have magic spell. Traxex manage to kill by his hide and seek strategy and her pure damage with fast attacks speed.
When you complete the Power Threads and Helm of Dominator, Traxex is now ready to kill enemy heroes plus added Lothars to its item build now traxex can dominate. Always take care of your HP and do some farming strategy to have more money for building the best item for Traxex..

note : This is my own experience and effective way of items build for Traxex if you have any suggestions you can leave us a comments to share others.