Razor Item Build – Dota Hero

Razor Item Build – Dota Hero


Razor Item Build

Razor__Lightning_revenanDota Hero Item Build – Razor “Lightning Revenant”

Razor nowadays is not quite good hero to use compare the old days when Dota hero are not as many as today. But Lightning Revenant could be dangerous when he cast its spell properly and by the use of dominant item.

Skill Build for Razor
level 1 Plasma Field
level 2 Unstable Current
level 3 Plasma Field
level 4 Unstable Current
level 5 Plasma Field
level 6 Eye of the Storm
level 7 Static Link
level 8 Unstable Current
level 9 Static Link
level 10 Plasma Field
level 11 Eye of the Storm
level 12 Static Link
level 13 Unstable Current
level 14 Static Link
level 15 Stats
level 16 Eye of the Storm
level 17 Stats and So on….

Initial Game Items
Slippers of Agility added plus agility.
Clarity of Potion for mana regeneration in mid MP condition.
Ancient Tango of Essifation this would be useful when your hero is in mid HP condition.
Ironwood Branch for additional Attributes.

Core Razor Item Build
Power Threads and Vanguard this two items will do the HP increase plus movement speed. Then Yasha will be your first main item it will help increase your speed plus attack damage. (standby item)

Locked Razor Item build
Linken’s Sphere this item would be better against single spell caster enemy like Barathrum.
Manta it gives Lightning Revenat an addded MS, Hp and damage. Also use for disable purge when cast.
Butterfly also would be the one not only for razor but in all Agility hero, the evasion of this item missing enemy hero attack.

Item to consider:
Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vsye disable any hero and grants an ability of Hex to Lightning Revenant. Blade mail could one and Lothars Edge for escaping enemy.

How To Play Razor
Razor “Lightning Relevant” an agility type of hero. when initiate an attack in single duel use your static link to reduce the enemy armor then cast your Eye of storm after that use the Plasma Field.