Magina Item Build – Dota Hero

Magina Item Build – Dota Hero


Magina Item Build

Magina-Anti-Mage- item build

Dota Hero Item Build – Magina “Anti Mage”

Anti-Mage or Magina specialty is mana burn losing its enemies mana when Magina engage an attack. Also his Mana Void gives a lot of essence to his attacks.

Skill Build for Magina
level 1 Blink
level 2 Mana Break
level 3 Mana Break
level 4 Spell Shield
level 5 Mana Break
level 6 Mana Void
level 7 Mana Break
level 8 Blink
level 9 Spell Shield
level 10 Spell Shield
level 11 Mana Void
level 12 Spell Shield
level 13 Blink
level 14 Blink
level 15 Stats
level 16 Mana Void
level 17 Stats and So on….

Initial Game Items
Quelling Blade for additional creeps damage
Ring of Protection for standby item of Vladimir’s Offering
Ancient Tango of Essification use for mid health condition
regenerates a small amount of HP.
Ironwood Branch for additional Attributes.

Core Magina Item Build
Power Threads increase of stats, attack and movement speed
Vladimir’s Offering giving Magina lifesteal while attacking enemy
Cranium Basher is a important item for Magina giving enemy hero a stun so it cannot move while Magina is attacking.

Locked Magina Item build
Battle Fury this also a major item of Anti Mage giving him pure damage, cleave damage, plus stats mana and additional health.
Butterfly one of must have item while initiate an attack the enemy hero starting to miss, while Anti Mage continious his attack.

Item to consider: Optional Anti-Mage Item Build (Tanker Mode)
Blade Mail for counter damage.
Vanguard for enemy hero chance of blocking attacks.
Black King Bar also gives an escape or possible use in clash.

How To Play Magina
I can say this Dota hero is complete cast in terms of skill just like Slark this Hero is more on hunting mode. When initiate an attack just duel in normal attack don’t worry because Cranium Basher exist a slight stun giving to your opponent while Vladimir’s Offering is sure for survivability giving you a Lifesteal. Try to use Blink when chasing enemy and also you can use it for escaping when your life seems not enough to kill the opponent. Mana Void your ulti will be last skill to use for killing hero.