Gondar Item build – Dota hero

Gondar Item build – Dota hero


Gondar Item Build
Dota Hero Item Build – Gondar “Bounty hunter”

Gondar / Bounty Hunter nowadays is not quite good hero to use compare before but if you do a proper farming and buy the right build for him definitely its hard for him to get kill by his enemy.

Skill Build for Gondar
level 1. Jinada
level2.  Windwalk
level3.  Shuriken Toss
level4.  Shuriken Toss
level5.  Shuriken Toss
level6.  Track
level7.  Shuriken Toss
level8.  Jinada
level9.  Jinada
level10. Jinada
level11. Track
level12. Windwalk
level13. Windwalk
level14. Windwalk
level15. Stats
level16. Track
level17. Stats
level18. Stats
level19. Stats
level20. Stats
level21. Stats
level22. Stats
level23. Stats
level24. Stats
level25. Stats

Initial Game Items
Quelling Blade – helps Gondar to have additional damage when killing creeps
Ancient Tango of Essifation – helps Bounty to regenerates life in mid HP condition.
Magic Stick – helps to counter the spell of enemy hero
Slippers of Agility – gives addition to its damage and plus agi stats.
Ring of Basilius – for armor and mana regeneration and standby item for Vladimir’s Offering.

Core Gondar Item Build
Power Threads – Gives gondar speed of attack.
Yasha – also add attack speed and movement speed.
Vanguard – for blocking enemy hero attacks.
Maelstorm – this one also grants Gondar and gives him passive chance to cast chain lightning.
Cranium Basher – this item would be must gives him an stun to enemy hero while Bounty Hunter attacks
Vldimir’s Offering – grants him survival bonus in life giving him lifesteal from his enemies

Locked Gondar Item build
Butterfly is also a must item with the presence of evasion Gondar has a chance to dodge an enemy hero attack.
Assault Cuirass – for added armor and speed.
Buriza do Kyanon – grants him a critical chance while attacking enemy.
Satanic – is better for survaival mode.

How To Play Gondar
First track the enemy you want to attack and use your windwalk skill after that lets do a timing and do the attack. When want to chase your enemy you can also use your toss for a possible kill.

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