Furion Item Build – Dota Hero

Furion Item Build – Dota Hero


Furion Item Build

dota hero furion item build

Dota Hero Item Build – Furion “The Prophet”

Furion nowadays is hero for farming unlike before Prophet mostly a laning hero. But take note if Furion got the desire items, the enemies hero are probably in danger. Furion can be a dangerous support or a carry hero not unless Prophet gets in trouble in a early game.

Skill Build for Furion (farming type)
level 1 Teleport
level 2 Sprout
level 3 Stats
level 4 Stats
level 5 Stats
level 6 Wrath of Nature
level 7 Teleport
level 8 Stats
level 9 Teleport
level 10 Teleport
level 11 Wrath of Nature
level 12 Sprout
level 13 Sprout
level 14 Stats
level 15 Stats
level 16 Wrath of Nature
level 17 Stats / Force of Nature….

Initial Game Items
At first need to build a Null Talisman for additional Intelligence stats and for standby build of Dagon. Two Ironwood Branch for added stats.

Core Furion Item Build
Next Item will Dagon for instant kill while farming need to scout the lane area to support your team. Power Threads for attack speed and if can build a Lothars Edge why not this item is best use for escaping enemy.

Locked Furion Item build
When you have enough money try to have a Monkey King Bar and Stygian Desolator / Maelstorm this two are effective combination to reduce enemy armor while giving attack speed with additional damage.

Item to consider:
Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vsye disable any hero and grants an ability of Hex to Prophet. Also Manta can be optional  (when purge charges are out).

How To Play Furion
Furion “Prophet” is best when have a best locked items it becomes dangerous to your opponents. First use Teleportation and Sprout your enemy while making normal attack when the enemy hero are mid HP condition now its time to use Dagon for instant kill. Lothars Edge can use only for escaping enemy.