Cdr King Router – Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G Router

Cdr King Router – Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G Router


Cdr King Router – Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G Router

cdr king_3G routerCdr King Wireless Router Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G

Cdr King the leading techology device store here in Philippines are now releasing their newest router. Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G Router is capable for setting up a 3G usb connector and what I’ve know about it is you can use your usb Wife Dongle connecting at back of usb port. This router device is usable for both home and office.

Indoor high Power Wireless-N 3G Router Specifications:
Supports advanced 1×1 technology with up to 150 Mbps downstream     and upstream
Complies with 2.4Ghz IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11b/g standards
Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) support
SUpport 20MHz and 40 Mhz bandwidth
Operation mode: Bridge, Gateway, ethernet Converter
Wireless mode : AP, client, WDS
DHCP Server/client
RF output power adjustable
Virtual DMZ, port Forwarding
Dynamic DNS
Firewall, URL/IP/PORT/MAC filtering
Wireless users access control
NTP Client
Wireless security- 64/128bit WEP,WPA,TKIP,WPA2 AE2,802.1x
Support PPPoE, VPN pass-through(L2TP,IPSec and PPTP)
QoS enhancement- WMM
Support 3G Connection(via 3G USB dongle)Specifications:

Wireless LAN Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Interface 1 WAN + 2 LAN 10/100Mbps port
(1 USB 2.0 port (for 3G USB Dongle connection)
Date Rate 802.11b: 11,5.5,2 and 1 Mbps with auto-rate fall back     802.11g: 54,48,36,24,18,12,9 & 6    Mbps 802.11n(20Mhz): up to     72Mbps 802.11n(40Mhz): up to 150Mbps
Support 3G Standard: UMTS/HSPDA/HSPA/CDMA
Frequency Band: 2.400Ghz-2.484Ghz
Wireless mode; AP, client,WDS
Security 64/128bit WEP WPA(TKIP with IEEE 802.1x) WPA2(AES with     IEEE 802.1x)
Media Acces Control: CSMA/CA
Operation Mode: Bridge, Gateway, WIPS
Sensitivity 94dBm @ 802.11b 91dBm @ 802.11g 89dBm @ 802.11n
Antenna connector: One SMA connector
Connector One Antenna Connector One RJ-45 port for wan Two RJ-45     LAN ports USB (for 3Dongle) Reset to default Buttom WPS button     Power jack Power Requirement 12V DC/1.5A

specs credit to cdr king website